High Country Rooster - Black - American Dakota Novelty Collection

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Add a touch of country charm with this timeless design. Regal Roosters frame harliquin diamonds.  Traced in pretty roses this rug will interject some color into your space.  Made from premium EnduraStran nylon this rug is easy to clean and made in AMERICA.  Available in 6 sizes.

These rugs are made from our exclusive premium “EnduraStran" nylon. The fibers are fade resistant, antimicrobial and commercial grade tested for heavy traffic use. The rugs are made from premium quality continuous filament Nylon. EnduraStran construction means the rugs will not wear out or ugly out like Polypropylene.  Two soil lifting properties are added to the yarn during the manufacturing process which helps the yarn shed soil.  A synthetic fluoropolmer is added to the yarn system which traditionally is used on non-stick coating for pans and other cookware. This means that our yarn is difficult to wet which makes cleaning our rugs an easy task. Simply clean the rugs with hot water which eliminates the needs for potentially harmful chemicals.


Ships in 2-4 Weeks

Made in the USA